Lincoln Executive Business Program

The Lincoln Executive Business Program

Your Hard Work Deserves To Be Rewarded

Which is why the Lincoln Executive Business Program provides you access to a team of expert consultants ready to assist you at every turn. You'll receive impressive sales and service benefits for whichever Lincoln vehicle you choose. Start enjoying privileges geared towards helping your business succeed, along with the exceptional Lincoln experience you expect. You've earned it. We welcome you to take advantage of our exciting programs.

Office Lunch & Learn

This is an exciting opportunity for our business partners. Our team comes right to your office with multiple representatives to showcase our new Lincoln Line Up and highlight the powerful services Lincoln has to offer businesses such as yours.

Lincoln Business Lunch

The Lincoln Business Lunch, an opportunity for you to build professional relationships and promote your own business interests by taking a prospect/client out to lunch, on Lincoln of Wayne ($50 Gift Card), in a new Lincoln delivered to your doorstep (home or office). 

Lincoln Experience

This is our 24-48 hour extended test drive program. The Lincoln Experience allows you to choose a Lincoln model of your choice and we will deliver it right to your home or office. No cost, no obligations - as effortless as it gets. This your opportunity to drive a new Lincoln vehicle and experience all that Lincoln has to offer - technological sophistication, understated elegance, and a sensation that comes from being in an ideal working environment.

Plus - The $1,000 Lincoln Executive Offer!

Schedule an in-office Lincoln demonstration with our team and enjoy an exclusive $1,000 Incentive on New Lincoln Models.
Whether you're interested in an on-site vehicle demonstration or an extended 24-48 hour test drive,let us show you how Lincoln can elevate your business and your life.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Should you buy or lease a new Lincoln we provide complimentary Pick-Up and Delivery services. We will pick up your vehicle, service it, wash it, and bring it right back to you when it is ready. We'll also lend you a complimentary Lincoln loaner. All so your time remains distinctly yours.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Schedule your appointment for our Lincoln of Wayne Executive Business Program Today! Lincoln Executive Offer: Must complete one of our Executive Business Services to qualify. Speak with our Client Relations Team to discuss eligibility. Pick-Up & Delivery: 2016 and New Lincoln models eligible. Ask us about parameters and guidelines today.

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