The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus in Wayne NJ

Upgrade Your Luxury Experience with the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus in Wayne, NJ

The Lincoln brand has always been ahead of the game. The luxury, quality, and performance standards have been carried over year after year. But, that doesn't stop them from improving their models. The proof lies within the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus. Increased comfort in your cabin, advanced technology to make your commutes less stressful, and a full range of safety features to keep you and your passengers intact. This is luxury done the right way.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus

Boost Your Interior Comfort

When you have a long commute from Paterson, NJ, comfort makes everything easier. The ambient lighting inside your cabin adds calm to your evening commutes and makes you forget about the traffic on I-80. The Ultra Comfort Seats with Active Motion induce unsurpassed comfort after those long days at work.

Your seats will be capable of giving you a massage to ease your stress in case a driver cuts you off on the highway. Your power thigh extenders and 11 independent air cushions can help decrease muscle fatigue and pain. In moments, your driver's seat becomes an evening masseuse for the ride home. The Panoramic Vista Roof® spans two rows of seating and gives you an open-air view of the daytime or evening sky. After you climb inside, you'll never want to experience a commute any other way.

Increased Performance for East Hanover Commutes

It's not just about comfort with the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus; it's the performance. While you drive along on Ridgedale Ave., you'll have the boost of 335 horsepower underneath your hood. Your Twin-Turbocharged 2.7L V6 engine also delivers 380ln.-ft. of torque to give you an extra burst off the line. You would think that the increased power means that you'll have a louder drive, but not with your Nautilus.

It was designed to run as smoothly and quietly as your child's favorite lullaby. And possibly, the evening commutes will be quiet enough to get your toddler to sleep without any need for singing. With your EPA-estimated highway fuel economy rating of 25 mpg, you can go longer without stopping at the pump for a refill.


When you're driving on the highway in Caldwell, NJ, or Clifton, NJ, you know you'll want to ensure you have the most protection against unfortunate accidents. You'll have standard protection like rear-traffic alerts, blind-spot protection, and much more. But, this year, you'll have a few additions that will help separate you from the pack.

Auto Hold takes the stress off your brake pedal when you're at a red light. The system will hold your vehicle in position and then release the brakes when you accelerate on the gas.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering provides a fluid steering feel at low speeds and a firmer and more controlled feel at higher speeds. Your system will monitor and detect changing road conditions and compensate for road surface irregularities.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive uses sensors to monitor your traction. And, in New Jersey, where road conditions can go from bad to worse during the winter seasons, maximum traction is needed. Don't worry about skidding out of control in Roseland, NJ, or hydroplaning in Wayne, NJ. Your Nautilus delivers torque to the front and rear wheels to enhance handling and maximizes grip.

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